I was never a fan of patterned tops, especially the printed ones, due to my mom's influence . Growing up, everything she bought had some type of floral print: plates, tea cups, curtains, bed sheets, all of her summer clothes, and of course, the majority of clothes she bought for me. I was overwhelmed, and truly a bit traumatized. 

Little did I know, after diving into the fashion world, patterned tops would become my wardrobe staple. They spice up a look immediately, and reveal one's personality. Dotted shirts are playful and girly. Plaids are a bit nerdy and conservative. Striped shirts are easygoing and laid-back. Flower prints are sophisticated and feminine. Animal prints are sexy and attention-grabbing. Cautious of becoming my mother, I take great care in picking out patterned tops, and styling them in a way that would avoid looking tacky. Things can go seriously wrong with patterned tops, but they can also make you look stunning if you keep a few formulas in mind:

Common Patterns:

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1.Stripes - Needless to say,  I cannot leave anywhere without these and you shouldn’t either. In my opinion, striped shirts are every wardrobe's must have. This is one of those pieces that will make just about anyone appear stylish.

2. Polka Dots - I used to fear wearing shirts with polka dots because I didn’t want to look too “cute” and girly, but I've learned that it is all about how you style them. I love polka dots so much now because wearing them actually makes me feel more playful and youthful.

3. Plaids - I was crazy about plaids shirts while in college. The Disney TV stars were wearing rocking them on every show, and they were on every model and rack at Hollister and Abercrombie. I stopped wearing them for a while because I wanted to look older and mature…then I found discovered the classic black and white plaid shirt, which I can't get enough of. They are so easy to wear for a casual work day, or a lazy weekend. Also, best candidate for layering!

4. Prints - Shirts with prints are best for displaying your personality! I try not to buy too many because they are statement pieces, thus memorable, But I haven't been able to help myself this season because there so many cute but sophisticated ones!


How to Pull Them off:

1.Match the colors: Remember this rule because it works ALL THE TIME. You pick one of the colors from the print on the shirt and match it with another piece, such as your bottom/jacket/accessories.. This is the key to color coordinate your whole look.

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2.Layer it - Patterned shirts and layering go hand in hand. There can be too many details on patterned shirts, so layering it with a solid colored piece can help to reduce some noise. 


3.Denim it up- What? Can this even count as a formula? What doesn’t look good with denim? Well, when you are trying hard to impress, you may forget the power of  a basic piece, denim. It accommodates nearly all types of patterned shirts. Throw in some accessories, and you’d look chic and trendy.

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4.White is a guaranteed safe choice - Think about using multiple colors on a blank, white canvas. Why do we choose white paper but not other colors? Because it looks cleaner and reflects, and accentuates all the colors used. The same idea can be applied to fashion. White bottoms can place the emphasis on your patterned top while keeping it clean and simple.

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I tried to pass on these formulas to my mom, but somehow it only worked when I was with her(Maybe because I always dress her when I'm with her). Dear Mom, if you are reading this blog, please apply these formulas when you are with/without me! 

Now utilize these formulas and show off those fun personalities with your outfits!