Lately I’ve been finding it a challenge to keep up with the changing weather. It’s that time of year when coats can be too hot during the day while a jacket is too cold at night. This is when duster sweater is your best friend. It’s comfortable, easy to wear, retains heat but not overly warm during the day, and most importantly - effortlessly chic!

I'm excited to share with you my personal formulas for how to wear and style duster sweaters-- especially if you are always in a rush to get ready in the morning or constantly scratching your head over your daily outfits. 

Types of Duster Sweaters I Choose

1. Length 

Duster sweaters are interesting because they're double agents. The soft fabric of sweaters can cause you to appear bulky; yet, the long length elongates your body, and vertically lengthens you visually. 

I stand 5’6(167.5cm) tall and I usually purchase my duster sweater with knee-length. I try to avoid any longer than just below my knees for a good visual balance. Wearing heels with a slightly shorter coat can help create that height illusion. ( You listening petite ladies? )

2. Always wear it loose.

 If you are arm conscious like me, wearing tight sweaters can accentuate arm size so I tend to avoid it unless the shoulders are structured or padded. Otherwise, I’d always go for a loose fitting sweater coat. I usually pair it with a form fitting bottom as I find it to be a flattering combination.

Check out the formulas below to save you time in the morning and also guarantee an effortlessly chic look. 

1. When in doubt, wear black.

I mean to wear ALL black inside and/or out. That’s it! Any type of duster sweater  in any color will work with this.

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2. Try classic: white Ts with blue jeans

You can never go wrong with this classic combo. Tees can be with or without sleeves depending on the weather.

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3. Everyone should have a staple striped shirt

This is  something I always bring wherever I travel. You’re almost guaranteed to look chic with a striped shirt on.

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4. Key to the slimmer look: Belt and Turtleneck

Belts and turtlenecks are two things that I discovered will help you look 5 pounds lighter. A turtleneck will elongate the look of your neck and torso, pair it with a high waisted bottom and tucked in shirt to create the illusion of an hourglass figure. A belt can further define the waist line which helps lengthen the lower body for a even taller effect.

A Turtleneck will extend your neck line and help your upper body appear longer. Wearing a belt cinches your waist and creates an hourglass figure. But be sure to tuck in your shirt because you want to accentuate your waist line to make your legs look longer, instead of drawing attention to your upper body. Another take on the belted look is to tie a belt over your sweater coat to integrate everything, which also creates a slimming effect! 


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Memorize the formula! Plug in your own clothes and solve the "what to wear" problem any day!

Phoebe Ba