My first reaction to JORD: What? Wooden watches?

I never knew it was possible to make watches out of wood. I had many concerns. Would molds grow on the wood? Would it look cheap? Would it be too heavy to wear all day? Would it compliment my style? I proceeded to do a bit of research. 


JORD is the top selling premium wooden watch brand in the world. All watches feature 100% natural sandalwood, sustainably sourced from East Africa.  It is splash-proof and eco-friendly. The various hues of the wood are naturally derived and do not contain any stains, dyes or harsh chemicals. They offer a total of 13 different types of individually sourced rare woods in their collections. The longer you wear the watch, the smoother and brighter the wood will become, since it will absorb the natural oil from your wrist. Most importantly, each watch is one of a kind, as the grains on each wooden watch are unique, like fingerprints. 


When I first received the watch, I was blown away by its elegant, sophisticated and tasteful design. It’s light-weight and easy to wear all day. I’ve received so many compliments and comments from friends and strangers alike! I am especially excited now that Fall is around the corner, because these watches, with the natural hues of wood, are the perfect finishing touch to a Fall outfit. 

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