This past Christmas I had the privilege of spending two weeks in NYC visiting friends and family. Which meant I had to pack two weeks worth of clothes for a freezing winter in NYC!  So I had to think about how to look chic, pack light and also stay warm. After a week of planning, I came up with some tricks below: 

Before you Pack:

  1. Check the weather app and see how the weather will be like during your stay.
  2. Have a detailed itinerary, so you can get an idea of places you will be visiting and the activities you may participate in, which will inform you on what you need to pack.
  3. If you are staying with a friend, check with him or her to see what daily essentials you can borrow
  4. Google photos of your destination places and see what kind of clothes will be suitable. In my case, darker or neutral color structured/oversized wool coats and leather jacket/pants were most suitable for NYC street style vibes. But when in doubt, wear black!
  5. Get on Pinterest to get inspired and brainstorm different looks you can create with your existing wardrobe. 


What to Pack:

1. Things that keep you warm:

Warm leggings - Sometimes I'd wear a pair of long leggings with another pair of short tights underneath. When it gets even colder, I'd go with the furry kind of leggings.

Leather pants - I can't survive winter without leather pants. Not only do they match with everything but also block the wind and the cold! Best thing ever!

Heat tech turtleneck T-shirt  - Everyone needs this in both black and white from Uniqlo!

Scarves/hats/gloves - Scarves were a lifesaver during my NYC trip! Not only did they make me look chic, but also protected me from the cold. It even protected my camera from being scratched, lol.

2. Pack several coats for different looks.

I only packed a couple sweaters with basic colors as I stayed mostly outside during the day and my outerwear was the one piece worn and shown most in my photos.

3. Pack light 

When I say pack light, I literally mean pack something light... as in summer clothes. Pair an over-sized turtleneck sweater with a long silky skirt, but of course, with your warm leggings underneath. I love to play with the texture and you will be surprised how slim you look.

4. Layers layers layers!

This is sort of a conclusion of everything above. A denim shirt underneath your sweater or over your sweater for closeup shots or selfies. Wear it with different sweaters for different looks and also keeps you warm.

For my NYC trip, I also brought a thin leather jacket to wear underneath my coats. One, to stay warm and block the wind, and second. it also provides a different look when you wear it for indoor activities 

Final and most important tip...

Literally put on everything you can for the plane ride - This is what I did for NYC! I laid out all of the clothes I planned on taking and figured out which ones would take up more room in my luggage. Then I tried to wear as much as  possible while staying comfortable.  


The photos below pretty much sum up the majority of my outfit looks in NYC. Let me know if you have any tips to share on this topic! :)