Must have piece for an Effortless chic look - Denim Jacket

Almost every time I try to piece together an effortless outfit to wear, I end up just wearing my denim top/jacket. It is such a timeless piece that I think everyone should have at least one in their closet. Personally, I like to buy quality denim jackets/tops whenever good ones come by, which are very rare. Because trust me, you are going to wear them for a lifetime.

How I pick out my denim top/jacket

I usually like to pick out simple but classic designs, the key to timeless style. I also look for button up denim tops, which are very versatile. I can wear them unbuttoned as a jacket, or be creative, and wear it with the front tied in a knot, accentuating my waist line.


Waist length- This is my go-to. This is also the most common style.

Hip length - I find this length to be quite trendy this year. I like to pair denim in this length with shorts for a sexy look or with a pair of flared jeans for a sassy look.

Above knee- I recently scored one from bcbg generation. This length is most suitable on denim jackets made with softer materials,  creating a flowy and bohemian look. I used to swear by this look, and it was the ultimate goal I tried to achieve in my styling game.

Color is everything, which is why it’s always difficult to encounter a good denim piece. A lot of times, you can tell the quality of a denim piece just by looking at the color. It's hard to describe "quality" color, but I can tell you that Levi's is a great brand to start with. Levi's denim is of excellent quality, yet still affordable, and has never disappointed me. I like to think they invented the striking blue color typical of denim.

I am also a big fan of white  denim jacket, but unfortunately, i haven’t had much luck in finding one I like.

If you're conscious about your arms like I am, I'd pick out something more fitted with a nice shoulder line. It'll instantly bring out the elegant side of you.

Although oversized denim jackets are quite trendy this season, make sure to pair it with a form fitting bottom as it results in a more flattering combination.

Once you've purchased the perfect denim jacket, how do you pair it to create that classy and effortless look? Well, since I’ve been getting quite a bit of wear out of my denim jackets, I have created some easy formulas to follow:

1. A striped shirt
Needless to say, stripes is the default for any type of layer pairings.

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2. White is Denim’s BFF
If you haven’t realized it, denim and white are best friends. They just go so well together to provide that polished and sophisticated look. Because lighter colors attract attention, I like to wear white on the slimmer part of my body. So if I don't want to draw attention to my legs, then I’d wear the lighter color on top instead of bottom.

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3. Little black dress
There’s something about this combination that intrigues me. It's simple but classy and slimming. To me, denim is a sign of Spring, so I like to pair it with a dress instead of a black top and pants. Oh, and try a dress with a slit on the side to show off those legs!

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4.Wear it like a crop top
Yes, a crop top! This means that the length of your denim needs to be above your waist. You're likely thinking to yourself that you have one big pack in the mid-section, and you would not be caught showing that off! Have no fear, we are going to hide it really well by fastening a few buttons to wear it as a top and pairing it with a high-waisted midi skirt or a pair of high-waisted pants that are ankle length, and wide cut. Lastly, Add a bit of height by strapping on some heels.

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Now it’s your turn to plug these formulas in and create your own effortless chic looks!