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The Everything Goals Hotel - The Williamsburg Hotel 万千宠爱于一身的酒店 - 威廉斯堡酒店

The Williamsburg Hotel is a hotel that seems to internalize the edict: “Actions speak louder than words — but still, social media drives a lot of customers.” It’s a hotel from which #influencers and #ambassadors would die to make a sponsored post. I was one of the lucky ones who got the chance to work with them!
威廉斯堡酒店似乎内部化了这项法令:“行动胜于雄辩 - 但社交媒体仍然吸引了很多客户。”这是一家酒店,#影响者 和#代言人 会因此梦寐以求地想与威廉斯堡酒店合作。然而这次幸运的我,终于得到这个机会和他们合作!

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