Must have piece for an Effortless chic look - Denim Jacket

Almost every time I try to piece together an effortless outfit to wear, I end up just wearing my denim top/jacket. It is such a timeless piece that I think everyone should have at least one in their closet. Personally, I like to buy quality denim jackets/tops whenever good ones come by, which are very rare. Because trust me, you are going to wear them for a lifetime.

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Lately I’ve been finding it a challenge to keep up with the changing weather. It’s that time of year when coats can be too hot during the day while a jacket is too cold at night. This is when duster sweater is your best friend. It’s comfortable, easy to wear, retains heat but not overly warm during the day, and most importantly - effortlessly chic!

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Phoebe Ba
My style journey


I’m thrilled to finally show you!

I still remember as a little girl, my mom would only buy me two outfits a year, one for summer and another for winter. I relished in those rare shopping trips, but always wished I had a sister who would come to visit with tons of clothes, even if they were just her hand-me-down's. 

After moving to the states and finally earning my own money,  I went crazy for clothes. I loved cardigans and would buy a cardigan in 5 different colors if they were on sale. I was never the skinny type of Asian girl, if anything, probably on the chubby side. But that did not stop me from realizing a passion for fashion. In fact, it fostered it...

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